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Our induction is the first session you have with us at Make It Click Dog Training in Rugeley. It lasts an hour and gives me the chance to go into the background of my training method. I use the clicker and I explain what it is and how I use it in the induction. I also teach your dog what the click means so when we start dog training in Rugeley, we can get straight into it. 

The induction is also a great chance for you to tell me all about any problems you're having and what you'd like to achieve with our training. That'll allow me to tailor our sessions to your wants and needs.



Here's where the fun stuff happens. I come to your home in Rugeley, Cannock or surrounding area and teach you how to train your dog. I only use positive reinforcement methods - namely clicker training. We can teach obedience (responding to commands), behaviours (no jumping up, no pulling on leash, no barking etc), and reactivity (be relaxed and calm instead of scared or aggressive). Anything you have ever wanted your perfect dog to do, we can teach. Each session lasts one hour and most people have one session a week so they have time to practise in between sessions. Dog Training in Rugeley is completely tailored to your needs so you never have more sessions than you want. You aren't locked into a contract and only have to pay for the following session in advance. 



So you've had a read of the website and like the idea of an experienced dog trainer in Rugeley coming to your home to help you. What is the next step?

Click here to go to our contact box or call 07847212814 to talk to me directly. In either case, once I have your information, I can arrange a day and time to suit you for your induction and then your first one to one training session. We'll only have as many dog training sessions as you need and I'll never try to make you learn something you don't want to.